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Providing Possibility Through Science

CoR Technology, a breakthrough discovery, is not only a promising therapeutic solution for the management of chronic symptoms but aspires to be a universal cure for the treatment and prevention of aging and degenerative diseases and conditions. 


After years investigating why some patients suffering from degenerative symptoms responded well to Liu family’s dietary supplement formula, Dr. Liu discovered CoR, a new redox with the amazing ability to increase ATP to a cell at the intracellular level. 


Now, Dr. Liu has dedicated herself to a new mission: to make illness optional for humanity. 

CoR With IP Protected: US Patent No: 11273135

CoR, a New Line in Regenerative Medicine

  • ATP (Adenosine 5’-triphosphate), at millimolar levels, has recently been indicated in the solubilization of cellular proteins. It has been identified as a therapeutic solution for the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases as well as aging and degenerative diseases and conditions. 

  • CoR, (Cofactor Raphanin), a newly discovered redox, is a sulfoxide with electron-donor properties. it generates ATP in mitochondria at an intracellular level, which functions in a cell by responding to a physiological signal pathway.  CoR has demonstrated the incredible ability to increase the FAD (Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide) levels in muscle cell. FAD is one of the two electron carriers, (the other is NDA+, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). These electron carriers, also called electron shuttles, are small organic molecules that play key roles in cellular respiration.  CoR is the first and only coenzyme that has been discovered to demonstrate success and the extraordinary ability to enhance ATP production to a cell at the Intracellular level. 

  • CoR's ability to renew ATP to living cells opens the door to a new world of more promising therapeutic solutions to treat and prevent chronic, aging and degenerative diseases. CoR provides a new approach, one which holds the promise of repairing damaged tissues and organs by reenergizing ATP to living cells. This, in turn, will stimulate the body's innate self-repair mechanisms, and has the potential to replace, engineer, or regenerate previously damaged tissues and organs caused by aging, genetic errors, environment effects, diseases and other conditions. 

Seeking a Cure for Cancer

By 2040, It is estimated there will be 27 million new cases of cancer globally each year. Current statistics indicate that one in two men and one in three women will develop cancer during our lifetime. The risk of cancer often increases with aging. 

Cancer is primarily a genetic disease that is clonal in nature. It often begins when a single cell acquires a series of mutations, one after another. In general, cells of all organisms contain enzyme systems that scan their DNA for damage and then carry out repair processes. 

When damage is detected, CoR renews ATP to living cells, and may boost the DNA repair of cellular processes, providing the possibility of prevention. This would mean the devastation and destruction of cancer cells at the beginning before a single cell acquires a series of mutations.

The most critical element is to regulate and correct the errors of potentially cancerous cells before they spread. This is the optimal solution for seeking a cure for cancer. 

Seeking a Universal Influenza Vaccine

  • A universal flu vaccine is a flu vaccine that is effective against all influenza strains regardless of the virus sub type; it should not require modification from year to year.  

  • Current Flu Vaccines protect against influenza only when well-matched to the circulating strains. Therefore, there is an unmet medical need for a broadly protective universal influenza virus vaccine. 

  • Also, current influenza vaccines which operate by a method of alerting antibodies against pathogens have been used with limited efficiency for approximately 80 years. It is time for a better solution for a universal influenza vaccine. 

  • Humans are exposed to millions of potential pathogens daily through contact, ingestion, and inhalation. Our ability to avoid infection relies on our innate immune system to protect us from infection. 

  • CoR, with renewal ATP-energy to cells, invokes a mediated immune response.  It is a novel approach that boosts the host’s innate immune response, activating our body's natural defense against all pathogens in a simple, natural way. It does not involve antibodies. It is a first line of defense against all influenza regardless of variants. The innate immune response is not specific to a particular pathogen in the way that adaptive immune responses are.

  • The breakdown of nutrients into the critical ATP energy is the currency for the biological system for sustaining all cellular functions. Similarly, human immunity is composed of different cell subsets that consume ATP-essential energy and are indispensable for defending the host immune response against pathogens and disease.

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Seeking a Better Way to Manage 
Aging-Related D

Food must be processed into energy currency to support cell structure and function. However, older adults lack metabolism efficiency to convert sugar into energy. This causes high levels of sugar in the bloodstream over a prolonged period of time. Excessive sugar in the blood stream causes damage to the organs. Therefore, organs are damaged in age-related diabetes. 


CoR does not cut sugar and flush it from our kidneys as Metformin does. CoR helps convert sugar to ATP-energy currency because sugar is needed for cellular activities such as growth, reproduction, repair, and movement. 


CoR raises metabolism efficiency in order to generate energy currency. Cells can convert sugar faster and more efficiently resulting in high levels of sugar in the blood stream processing in a shorter period. 

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Diabetes in Older Adults

Beyond Stem Cells: Seeking a Better Way to Repair the Heart Muscle

Stem cells have been extensively used as cell-based therapeutic solutions during the last decade. In heart failure (HF), cardiac valve diseases, Arrhythmias, coronary artery disease, edema, hypertension, and peripheral artery disease, all ultimately result in ATP deficiency and impaired cell function. Also, the heart muscle is the only unit which does not have stem cells and it needs the most ATP-energy for normal function.

 CoR's ability of renewing ATP Energy to heart muscle, provides a therapeutic solution for repairing heart muscle collateral damages, and binding allows for better muscle contraction and better heart function.

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Seeking a Solution for Man and Woman
Age-Related Sexual Dysfunctions 

ATP Energy is necessary for cellular processes to carry out various tasks such as replication, DNA repair, growth and reproduction, protein synthesis, motility, navigation, control, and communication. etc.

Degenerated ATP energy in cells causes neurological depression glands to malfunction in hormones, causing atrophied smooth muscles, and inhibiting social activities.

CoR renews ATP-energy to reproductive cells. This is a first-line therapeutic strategy solution to address short- and long-term aging-related sexual dysfunction for both men and women. It is multifactored, and requires the integration of psychological, biological, relational, and sociocultural determinants for its success. 

Learn More:,%201-9/2434489

Seeking a New Way to Prevent and Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases

In 2020, approximately 1.8 million people were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.


Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is characterized by progressive cognitive impairment beginning with prominent deficits in short-term memory. 

Evidenced by decline in ATP levels to cells, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, anxiety, mental health issues, traumatic brain injury and depression are associated with oxidative stress. 


Neuropathology suggests that mitochondria dysfunction may fail to maintain cellular energy through reduced ATP production in neurons. 

A considerable amount of ATP is consumed in the brain. CoR renews ATP-energy to brain cells. Due to the high energy demands of neurons and glia, these cells continually rely on ATP to maintain activity and energy homeostasis. 

Currently, we are seeking partnership and funding to co-develop or co-create the solutions in our pipeline with both dietary supplements and drugs discovery 

CoR -Bioenergetic Universal Therapeutic Solution

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