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The Story Behind Cor

My discovery of CoR, a formula which halts degenerative aging, may sound unbelievable but I am living proof that it is true.

When I was in my late 50s, I had symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath and swollen feet. I was diagnosed with weak heart muscle function (Grade 1 diastolic dysfunction. E/e' 7). My cardiologist told me that this diagnosis is normal for people my age and especially for someone with a family history like mine of broadline diabetes related to aging. She also found that my heart muscle had been damaged for a long time. She went on to say that this was the reality of human aging. But while most people tend to accept the reality of degenerative aging, I was determined to combat it.


My family had a secret blend of herbs, a formula passed down from generation to generation. I decided to try it. To my surprise and delight, after a month of using these herbs, my symptoms started subsiding. My next heart test results clearly showed a normal heart muscle function without any signs of damage. My family’s secret blend of herbs performed an amazing miracle that made me feel better and better! I was thrilled with the results, but perplexed as well, which led me to search for answers. If I could save myself from much suffering due to aging degenerative conditions, maybe I could help others as well.

That was when I started my self-funded mission and teamed up with Stony Brook University’s LIHTI (Long Island High Tech Incubator) program to assist me on my quest. Through my research, I identified Cor (Co factor R) which is vital in controlling the degenerative aging process.

My Puzzle Completed Years Later

Cor Technology was discovered almost by accident

When I was 13 years old, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night feeling extremely hot. I was sweating and I had a fever. Though I had no other symptoms or discomfort, I felt certain I would not be able to go to school the next day. I fell asleep again only to wake the next morning feeling perfectly fine and energetic. I was puzzled as to why I had felt so hot without feeling sick, I ended up having to go to school that day!

What caused this overwhelming heat sensation in the middle of the night? I thought about the previous day when I played a silly game with my friends. We had a competition about whose visible stomach shape can stick out the most. Since everyone wanted to win, we gorged ourselves with food forcing our stomachs to extend. Three of us ate what seemed like half an acre of radishes that afternoon. I surmised it must have been all those radishes that caused the intense heat, but I did not know the implications until much later in life.

During my journey of discovering Cor, I screened my family’s formula. I researched, read, and updated my knowledge to accomplish my mission. I learned that the mitochondrial electron transport chain or krebs cycle of respiration reactions are very complicated with many steps involved in  the bioprocesses.

However, the respiration bio-reactions only come out of two products, 60% heat and 40% ATP. Suddenly I connected the dots from the incident of my body heating up that night long ago when I was 13 years old to my thirty year clinical practice of prescribing my family’s formula to my patients. The one common response from all my patients was that their bodies felt hotter after taking this formula. That completed the puzzle and gave me the direction to identify Cor. Cor is an oxidate which is prevalent in most radish seeds and radish seeds are one of the four herbs in my family’s secret formula. Through my research, I found that Cor must modify body heat to achieve positive results.

The discovery of Cor becomes a revelation and my mission

And to think it all started when I was 13 years old. My mission is to confirm that Cor can enhance the ATP energy production levels to cells. My Cor Technology discovery conclusively proves it has the ability to renew ATP to living cells, and that Cor is the first and only organic coenzyme with the special ability to enhance ATP in living cells.

Cor Technology is the result of evidence-based medicine. It is the fountain of youth and a gift from mother nature.

Cor would not Exist Without my Friends and Family's Support

Over the past decade, dedicated research and development was undertaken with hundreds of volunteer friends and family, who trusted my care, and vision. The direct first-hand experience and feedback was extraordinary and compelling. 


My invention yielded hundreds of positive testimonials documenting health changing outcomes. The inescapable conclusion was that the new discovery of Cor will change the world where sickness is optional, and CoR gives us all a second chance for revival.   

The End

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