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CoR Bio-Tech provides the world,
sickness is optional


CoR Bio-Tech has been identified
as a bio-currency generator

Plays a vital role in ATP production within mitochondria, crucial for sustaining human health and life. The insufficiency of bio-energy to uphold cellular structure and function is a primary factor in human aging and related diseases. The revolutionary unveiling of CoR Bio-Tech marks the beginning of a new era in the prevention and treatment of human degenerative diseases.
US Patent No: 11273135



Abstract Linear Background

CoR is a naturally occurring small molecule that can be obtained from plants or synthesized. Acting as the primary carrier, FAD efficiently transports CoR, facilitating around 90% of metabolic reactions across four crucial stages in the mitochondria. Its unique properties enhance the conversion of nutrients into ATP, the universal energy currency that supports and repairs cellular structures and functions. The main FAD transporter in the mitochondria is predominantly found in 89% of human genotypes, influencing optimal gene expression patterns. CoR's dual functions create an innovative mechanism that not only produces essential cellular energy for human health and life but also aids in error correction during genetic sequencing. Additionally, variations in genes encoding FAD can lead to a range of allelic forms.

Our Mission & Vision

CoR Bio-Tech offers innovative solutions that are revolutionizing the intellectual property landscape in mitochondrial drug discovery. Our committed team is actively engaged in the seamless integration of this pioneering technology with organizations seeking to collaborate, accelerate, partner, license, and integrate it into their continuous efforts in human health and life.

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CoR innovation provides the world where
sickness is optional now 

CoR4Mito Inc.

  LIHTI Stony Brook University

25 Health Science Drive

Stony Brook NY 11790

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Phone: (631) 888-3895

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